Game Rules
By accessing Pitch Side Manager you agree to abide to the following rules. Failure to abide to these rules can result in your account being deleted, suspended, warned, or any other action that may be deemed appropriate.

These rules are in place as a guideline, if you carry out an action that is deemed to give you an unfair advantage we will investigate this fully and appropriate consequences will be put in place. If in doubt post a question on the community forums and await a response from an official Team PSM member.

1. You are only allowed to own ONE account on Pitch Side Manager regardless of which world it is in.

2. Do not login to another account other than your own.

3. Do not loan or gift money to other managers by paying over the odds for a player.

4. Do not create an account with an abusive manager name.

5. Do not exploit any technical bugs to gain an advantage. If you spot a Technical Issue you should report it using the 'Report a Bug' tool.

Communication Rules
Pitch Side Manager has an audience with a wide range of cultures and age. Please take this into account at all times. To protect users we ask you to abide by the following rules, failing to do so will ultimately lead to your forum/mail access being removed and/or your account being removed. These rules are guidelines, if you carry out an action that is not listed below and is deemed inappropriate then action will be taken to protect users.

1. Do not argue with forum moderators. Forum Moderators are volunteers who give up their free time to help keep the Pitch Side Manager as friendly a place as possible. If you have a complaint about a Moderator then please use the 'Report a Bug' tool to place your complaint. Complaints within forums will be deleted.

2. No abusive language, this includes swearing, aggressive behaviour, racism, homophobia and offensive religious comments.

3. We expect and encourage rivalries and banter between users, however continuous contemptuous and derogatory comments, including indirect ones, solely aimed at putting another user down are not welcome and if such comments are reported the poster will be warned as a result. While a joke/dig at someone else's expense may be funny to you or others, several jokes/digs at someone else's expense may not be funny to them and depending on the nature of the comments could be considered bullying.

4. No inflammatory comments, such as harmful insults, hateful/angry comments aimed at someone, arguments, rants or provoking with intent to cause trouble. Please keep discussions civil, Pitch Side Manager is not designed for you to let off steam, do it elsewhere please.

5. The forum is not the place to accuse someone of cheating. If you suspect cheating, please use the Report Cheating tool. Public accusation that turn out not to be true can lead to innocent people leaving the game.

6. No spamming.

7. Do not post messages on behalf of other users that have been suspended or banned from the forum, mail or game. Such users have had their access changed because they failed to stick to these rules and by speaking on their behalf you in turn will be warned and ultimately banned.

8. No links to sites showing inappropriate content. This includes links to other online games that are not owned by High Scream Games. High Scream Games spends a lot of time building its user base and any links to other competitors may be seen as advertising espionage.

9. Any content on the forum deemed to be an attempt to undermine Pitch Side Manager, High Scream Games or any of High Scream Games' other products will be considered an attack on the business High Scream Games and will not be tolerated.