Game Rules
By accessing Pitch Side Manager you agree to abide to the following rules. Failure to abide to these rules can result in your account being deleted, suspended, warned, or any other action that may be deemed appropriate.

These rules are in place as a guideline, if you carry out an action that is deemed to give you an unfair advantage we will investigate this fully and appropriate consequences will be put in place. If in doubt post a question on the community forums and await a response from a moderator.

1. You are only allowed to own ONE account on Pitch Side Manager regardless of which world it is in.

2. Do not login to another account other than your own.

3. Do not loan or gift money to other managers by paying over the odds for a player.

4. Do not create an account with an abusive manager name.

5. Do not exploit any technical bugs to gain an advantage. If you spot a Technical Issue you should report it using the 'Report a Bug' tool.

* Fire sales are not against the rules, however a number of safeguards are in place to protect against gifting. To find out more please read the Fire Sale Policy.

* Unofficial transfer agreements arranged between managers, which may include swap deals or deals to buy further players at later dates, are not protected by the rules, this is due to these not being official functions within the game. Any such agreements are done at the managers own risk. No action can be taken if these arrangements fail to be honoured. We strongly recommend that you only complete transfers that the game's functionality supports.

Communication Rules
We only moderate things that are either socially unacceptable (aggressive threats, racism etc) or that damage the community/game (cheat accusations, fire sales, comments purely intended to harm the game).

We do not moderate bust ups between individuals. If you don't get along with someone then we recommend you first try to settle your differences privately via mail, if that doesn't work and you find you don't wish to speak to or hear from someone any more then you can use the 'Communication Block' tool, found within preferences, which will prevent that person from seeing your forum comments or mailing you and visa versa.

To protect our younger members we use a swear filter on our forums, if you do see an offensive word please notify a forum moderator and they will add that word to the filter.

1. Minor rules:

1.1 Cheat accusations - either direct or implied (if you suspect someone of cheating please use the report a cheat tool, wrongly accusing someone can do a great deal of harm)

1.2 Fire sale adverts (note that fire sales are not against game rules, but advertising them is discouraged. See the Fire Sale Policy for further information)

1.3 Breaching others privacy

1.4 Spam (only repetitive comments that offer no value to a conversation will be considered spam)

2. Major rules:

2.1 Anything considered unlawful or extremely offensive (discrimination, violent threats, sexual content)

2.2 Posting comments with the intention to damage the game or its volunteers

2.3 Posting messages on behalf of banned users

Warning Structure
Rules are split into two categories: minor and major offences (see above):

+ A first offence, no matter of the category, would always result in a simple rule reminder being sent to the poster. With everyone being given the benefit of doubt.

+ Any further minor offences would result in a temporary communication suspension, that increase with each offence there after, starting with 48 hours, up to a maximum of 3 months. The aim being to discourage further rule breaking.

+ A major offence after receiving a rule reminder would always result in an instant permanent ban

+ Minor offences would never lead to a permanent ban, with exception to special circumstance where a repeat offender is judged to be beyond reason

+ For every 6 months someone goes without receiving a minor warning, their minor warning level would reduce by 1. This is to encourage improved future behaviour. Major warning levels would always remain.

- - - - - -

Changes to these rules
We may revise these rules at any time by making changes to this page. You should check this page from time to time to make note of any changes.